Graham's oral history was recorded months before he died. It was engraved onto a large, white, square slab of soap. It is part of the 'Other Stories' project © Matt Smith

2017 LGBTQI cultural consortium

DHG is delighted to be kick starting discussions in the arts and cultural heritage sectors looking at how we respond to the 50th anniversary of the UK Sexual offences Act 1967.

In our experience cultural anniversaries that involve diversity issues can catch the cultural sectors unaware. We want to support cross sector organisations to make a co-ordinated and high quality response. We are keen to avoid a last minute rush which can  result in alienation of the very constituent communities we wish to engage.

We are lucky to have some very active movers and shakers in the arts and cultural heritage sectors and we are very excited to be gathering some of them together early 2015 to discuss how to proceed.

While we recognise that we may not be able to act as a hub or lead for any resulting consortium due to resources constraints, we are getting things started on a pro bono basis,  because we believe we will be far more effective working together.

Partnerships and trust take time to form and for some organisations programmes are set far in advance so we need to start sooner rather than later.

We sincerely apologies if we have not contacted you yet and you want to be involved.
If you are an organisation active in LGBTQI  work and are part of or want to partner with the arts and cultural heritage sectors then please contact us.

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