Image of iced cup cake.

August 2011, London

A few of us gathered to enjoy the funky fifties setting of Drink, Shop, Do on Caledonian Road for our reading group on the new report Whose Cake is it Anyway? We considered how much the report added to our current knowledge and whether all the issues raised were solely a symptom of project funding cycles.

'Whose Cake is it Anyway?' by Bernadette Lynch

We drew parallels to the work and current political and sector trends and once again lamented our own lack of answers when it comes to models of scaling up community work. We concurred with the issues of leadership but wondered how to get past this. We also had critical discussions about the core purpose of museums and whether the multi vocal communities they serve are always right. These sound bites barely do our juicy discussions justice. The best way to find out more is to come along!

Whose Cake is it Anyway by Bernadette Lynch.


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