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BBC video resources….. Things not to say to

People with facial disfigurements  A trans person A blind person Bisexual people Someone of mixed race An old person Someone who stammers  More in this series here These are not new videos but they might be a fun and engaging resource for diversity training or just sharing.. Send us your personal thoughts about content in […]

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DCMS findings: local people distributing grants a successful model

‘Community First Grants Database Description Background The Community First Neighbourhood Match Fund was an innovative small grants programme targeting deprived wards and getting local people involved in funding decisions and delivering projects. The £30m programme was managed by the Community Development Foundation (CDF) for Cabinet Office between April 2011 and March 2015. The programme was […]

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Autism access case studies

Delighted to see Museum Practice featuring some case studies on how museums are creating better access for autistic visitors. Check out the article with case studies. Note: You need to log in to the Museums Association website to read these articles but that often just means registering with the website not becoming a member so […]

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Report sparks ‘pro-rich museums’ debate

Museum bodies have expressed concern over a report on the social impact of the 2016-17 local government budget that describes museums as a “pro-rich” service, warning the classification is reductive and could lead to the sector being targeted for disproportionate cuts…. Read the rest of the article from Museum’s journal here. Find the report here

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UCL and DHG survey request

I’m delighted to be co-authoring a short opinion piece with Kalliope Fouseki (UCL) for the upcoming Museums Etc.. publication ‘Museum Participation: Engaging and Involving Audiences’. The editors Kayte McSweeney and Jennifer Kavanagh have encouraged us to seek the opinions of DHG. As such, we would like to invite you (DHG and interested parties) to participate in an anonymous, […]

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Embedding participation: new web resource

Paul Hamlyn Foundation, has launched a new web resource to support the embedding of participation in museums and galleries. The resources have been created as part of Our Museum: Communities and Museums as Active Partners. A Paul Hamlyn Foundation programme to facilitate a process of organisational change within museums and galleries committed to active partnership […]

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Organisational change: PHF resources soft launch

Next week the Paul Hamlyn Foundation launches a brand new Resources Website to accompany their Our Museum Initiative. A plethora of videos, audio interviews and documents offer practical examples of active partnership with communities and also illustrate the numerous organisational changes required to become a participatory museum or gallery. Tracy-Ann Smith (chair of DHG) and Brightonart have produced over fifty […]

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Commission reports unequal cultural access

The Warwick Commission’s final report, Enriching Britain: Culture, Creativity and Growth, was launched today and is available to download in various formats. Further evidence and research resources from the Commission’s year-long investigation are also available, along with initial responses from the cultural and creative sector. The key message from this report is that the government and […]

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Mat Fraser on disability representation

Goosebumps and a standing ovation. Not what you might expect from a keynote at the Museum’s Association. But this year’s (2014) performance by Mat Fraser delivered just that.  The artistic work was shaped out of a collaborative engagement with museum collections, research and expertise in medical history, museums and disability and commissioned by the Research Centre for […]

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News: ‘It’s our job’ ACE announcement on diversity

We warmly welcome the recent keynote Speech by Peter Bazalgette: Delivering on Diversity. He described it as one of the most important speeches he will make, as chair of the Arts Council, as he committed the Arts Council to a ‘fundamental shift in its approach to diversity’. The take home message to all National Portfolio Organisations (NPO) […]

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