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Graham's oral history was recorded months before he died. It was engraved onto a large, white, square slab of soap. It is part of the 'Other Stories' project © Matt Smith

2017 LGBTQI cultural consortium

DHG is delighted to be kick starting discussions in the arts and cultural heritage sectors looking at how we respond to the 50th anniversary of the UK Sexual offences Act 1967. In our experience cultural anniversaries that involve diversity issues can catch the cultural sectors unaware. We want to support cross sector organisations to make a co-ordinated […]

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How to deal with complaints about ‘gay art’

THIS made me smile!   Posted by Tracy-Ann

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Image of Text on convex wall reading Welcome to GoMA, GoMA is a place where you can see and enjoy art that belongs to the people of Glasgow. You can make art, you can experience the rich heritage of Glasgow and you can inform the heritage of the future. GoMA is the most visitied modern art gallery in Scotland. It is a unique place that uses modern art to inspire an exhange of powerful ideas about life and human experiences.

Accessing modern art at GOMA

The Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA) in Glasgow is one of my favourite art galleries. I don’t have an academic art background and you don’t need one to fully appreciate GoMA exhibitions.  The labels are refreshingly informative allowing me to access this art in ways I simply can’t when the labels are noodling on about […]

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Stylised black and white, head shot, fashion image of April Ashely as a young woman wearing a scarf. • © Ken Walker repriduced with permission from Liverpool Museum

Transgender icon -Liverpool exhibition opens

I can’t wait to see this exhibition on April Ashley because there is so little on transgender and transsexual issues in museums. I’ll post highlights and learning points when I have managed to see it. But before I even see it I think Liverpool deserves a back slap for this partnership with Homotopia. Tracy-Ann

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Image of a long gallery witha glass display case along the right hand wall and a group of people crowded around a display in the centre. © DHG

Community Gallery, Museum of Childhood

What is so good about the community gallery at the Museum of Childhood is that it is not called the ‘community gallery’ hence not ghettoising the work as different to the rest of the Museum.  You can also find community output, display and events dispersed throughout the Museum.  This space houses the output of workshops […]

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