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Image of iced cup cake.

August 2011, London

A few of us gathered to enjoy the funky fifties setting of Drink, Shop, Do on Caledonian Road for our reading group on the new report Whose Cake is it Anyway? We considered how much the report added to our current knowledge and whether all the issues raised were solely a symptom of project funding cycles. […]

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Tate Britain building with pillars and blue sky © Tate

July 2011, London

Tate Britain hosted our summer meeting. It was impossible to get started, such was the buzz of networking! After hearing about English Heritage’s new Disability History Project, discussing the Our Place network, hearing a call for HLF’s mentors, sharing our current projects and programmes, and skilfully deconstructing and improving the conference plans –only then it […]

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Internal view of the arched ceiling of the great hall at the Natural History Museum lit at night.

October 2010, London

This meeting at Natural History Museum considered DHG’s response to the government consultation on the Equalities Duties and the potential impact of the proposed changes on the heritage sector. We also took decisions on next steps for our planned conference and mooted the idea of a reading group.

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Image of pound coin

July 2010, London

Much of this meeting focussed on a very engaging discussion on the changing political, legal and economic climate. Members shared how the cuts, politics or single equalities were affecting them; identifying vulnerable areas of community engagement work such as those relying on local authority champions, HEFCE and Renaissance funding.  We shared possible solutions and approaches […]

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Skate boarders at South Bank Centre, London

February 2010, London

Many thanks to Chloe for hosting our discussion at the South Bank Centre atrium, I find a glass of wine always helps any discussion along! Many thanks to those who made it along to discuss next steps for the group and share your current work.

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Image of an open book to represent the reading group

January 2010 SROI, London

Many thanks to Kalliope Fouseki and Martin Harrison-Putnam for organising DHG’s first reading group and thanks to the Science Museum for hosting us.  Martin led us in a discussion around whether the cultural heritage sectors need to be applying the Social Return on Investment (SROI) evaluation model, as it is widely used in government.  We had a good […]

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Iconic red London bus with destination sign DHG, London.

January 2010, London

There were lots of new faces at the meeting hosted by the London Transport Museum (LTM), so we had a really interesting round table discussion about what we are doing and approaches that are being taken – Martin noted the common themes that emerged from the discussion which included sharing knowledge, joined-up practice, diverse representation, […]

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Clifford Tower in York was the site of the 1190 massacre of the Jewish community, estimated 150 people.

October 2009, DHG Symposium

The Diversity in Heritage Group’s Inaugural symposium was kindly hosted by the Institute for the Public Understanding of the Past (IPUP). Here we set out our mission, decided on initial priorities and our ethos. We also met with a range of researchers to scope future collaborations.

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October 2009, London

We welcomed two new members to the group.  We mapped the key stakeholders and possible champions and shared actions to meet or update them about DHG. Anna agreed to be stakeholder monitor. We agreed how often we would meet and that we would intersperse formal meetings with less formal meetings. We discussed whether there should […]

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