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DHG is changing

Since 2009 DHG has become a collective of practitioners, thinkers and activists working towards change in the cultural and heritage sectors.

We have facilitated peer learning, conferences and training. We have created space for sharing and critiquing our practice. We created new resources and supported our member’s initiatives. Some of our projects were funded but most of our activity came from the passion and generosity of our members and we are so proud of that collective action.

Now in 2017, all our key players are busy in roles supporting change, so we are piloting a new way of supporting the sector on even fewer resources.

We still feel there is a need for us to bring together the disparate work around diversity, equality, audience development, social justice and participatory practice so here’s the plan:

6 month pilot newsletter.

We will send out a monthly newsletter with the most relevant news, reports and events. It won’t be long, just highlights.  There will be space on the newsletter to call out for specialists, speakers and consultants. We may have a guest blog too.  After six months we will assess if the newsletter is useful and decide if and how to continue it.

Aretha George will edit our newsletter and she needs your input.
Please send her things you think we should feature.

New groups for face to face meetings

Poppy Szaybo is starting a new ‘Museums and Participation’ network for face to face meetings. MAP will be based in London and other regions. Poppy will be in touch with members soon and announce their new meetings.

How does this change what we do?

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What happens to your contact details?

Poppy has your contacts through DHG and she will be emailing you to formally make sure you want to be transferred onto her new list.

If you get occasional DHG emails already, you will receive the newsletter, the only difference is that we will use a bulk emailer like mail chimp instead of gmail. It is easy to unsubscribe or contact us now if you do not want to try the newsletter.


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