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Embedding participation: new web resource

Paul Hamlyn Foundation, has launched a new web resource to support the embedding of participation in museums and galleries.

The resources have been created as part of Our Museum: Communities and Museums as Active Partners. A Paul Hamlyn Foundation programme to facilitate a process of organisational change within museums and galleries committed to active partnership with their communities.

Most of these resources were captured from funded organisations in the Our Museum programme or keynote speakers that inspired the group. There are also extracts of conversations with museum practitioners discussing key issues and practical solutions. The resources all relate to different aspects of organisational change and are based on practical experience and experimentation.

The site currently has over 50 resources (videos, animations and written documents) to use and share. More are being added over the coming months and you can sign up for alerts.

The Foundation hopes these resources will also challenge some common perceptions about participation. Regis Cochefert, Head of Arts at Paul Hamlyn Foundation, said:

“The organisations involved in the Our Museum programme have learnt a lot about organisational development to embed active community participation at the heart of their decision-making since starting working together in this Paul Hamlyn Foundation initiative. I am delighted that they are now sharing their learning with the sector at large so that others can benefit from their experiments, risk-taking, things that didn’t always go to plan, and their successes.”


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