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Aerial view of DHG members at a conference

  • Learn from the collective wealth of experience.
  • Share your work so the sector can learn from you.
  • Participate in a UK dialogue on issues that matter.
  • Know what other organisations are doing.
  • Keep up with policy change.
  • Access knowledge & training unique to the group.
  • Invest in your career and professional development.
  • Improve practice – not just yours but everybody’s
  • Define methodologies and terms of practice you use.
  • Save money and time by sharing services and expertise; pooling resources and working together.
  • Find like-minded people and organisations to partner with or employ.
  • Inform the research agenda and access evidence relevant to your work.
  • Contribute to positive change in your organisation, the whole cultural heritage sector and society.

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But don’t just take our word for it – hear what our members say:

‘DHG is a great forum for sharing best practice with some of the best practitioners in the sector.’

‘DHG helps to keep me focusing on diversity matters despite a very busy role, and I find the network meetings and news thought provoking and valuable.’

‘Being part of DHG makes me feel included in inclusion!’

‘Working in a community-focused role in museums is full of wonderful encounters and fun experiences, but also has its challenges. Being a member of DHG has offered me a forum to share my thoughts and ideas with peers, and to be inspired by the work other organisations are doing, helping us all to work towards excellent practice.’

‘I remain a member of DHG – despite now living abroad – as its activities continue to inform my own thinking and practice in the important areas of access and diversity. The DHG is an energetic, forward-thinking organisation which has the potential to play an essential role in progressing and professionalising the heritage sector, not just within the UK but as a leader in its field globally.’

‘Just wanted to say thank you so much for my first year being part of DHG.  My objective was to get out more and although I only managed to attend 2 meetings they were fab.’