Email group

The DHG email group is our online network. Like our meetings, it’s place for discussion and reflection in a professional and supportive environment where we can:

  • challenge and debate our practice
  • ask for advice and help others
  • post about our work and upcoming events and keep up to date with what is happening in our field in the UK and beyond.

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The UK wide email group is a trial. If it gets too busy or cluttered we might add regional groups. Once well established, we will review how well the group is working.

Email group privacy

We are currently quite a private group. The group can’t be cannot be found on the JISCMAIL website and only email group members can send messages. The archives of our email group are not publicly available through search engines.

Obviously the email group can’t replace the candour of our face to face DHG meetings which are undertaken in the spirit of trust and confidentiality so remember anything you post can be forwarded on – it’s out there! That said, please don’t shy away from sharing or challenging – let’s keep it real.


  1. Please be relevant to the group’s interests in equality, diversity, audience development, social justice and participation.  Please don’t circulate generic stuff.
  2. Please be polite – but don’t be afraid to challenge constructively.
  3. Hundreds of different people receive your email. Please be pithy and informative.
  4. Help people to scan relevant emails.  If your email is only relevant to one area state that in the title e.g. Liverpool training on…
  5. Contact us with any email group etiquette suggestions you would like to see added.


Getting too many emails?  You can change your settings:

First you have to register a password on the JISCMail website. You will get an email with a link to click to confirm your password.

To reduce your emails to a regular digest go to the subscribers corner of the Jiscmail website. Your DHG list will only appear if you are logged in. In the subscription type section select ‘Digest (traditional)’. Then click  ‘update options’.

Yahoo and AOL

Due to security changes at Yahoo in April 2014, it became difficult for yahoo email addresses to be signed up to email services. JiscMail has created a solution to this but when an email is sent from a Yahoo! or AOL subscriber, their email address is replaced by a unique JiscMail address, but the sender’s full name is still displayed.  If you reply directly to this address, your message will be forwarded to the original sender by JiscMail.