How come membership fees are so low?

We are keeping membership fees really low so we can grow the group and develop into the professional network we want to be. Many of us volunteer and we occasionally get funding for projects. The real cost of individual membership is probably nearer £100 per year so as we grow we will be looking for ways to become financially sustainable together. All members are welcome to advise and get involved in developing DHG.

Can my organisation join?

Yes. We have two levels of institutional membership. If you’re a small/medium organisation, membership is only £100 for up to 4 named individual members. If you’re a larger institution, membership for up to 8 named individual members is £200.

We have been known to offer institutions special deals for events and conferences over and above the usual discounts. Institutional members can also use the ‘Members of DHG’ logo on your website. And of course, in terms of ongoing professional development and learning for your staff it offers the most economical and value for money in this field.

It’s just for professionals with a remit for diversity or audiences right?

Nope. DHG is for everyone concerned with the development of practice and the sector. You are welcome to join regardless of your organisation or role. We know we will be more relevant to some people, but your presence and activity in the group will contribute to who we are and what we do.

My organisation/I can’t afford to pay for all our membership fees.

OK there are three solutions to this one:

  1. Advocate the benefits of joining to your budget holders. You can see from our testimonies it is a cost effective way to train, develop, pilfer ideas, form partnerships, do business and influence the sector. Emphasise the low cost, which won’t be so low forever!
  2. If no.1 doesn’t work, consider investing in your professional development yourself – especially while it is so affordable to do so.
  3. If you can’t afford it yourself but have time and skills to spare. Volunteer in return for your membership. DHG is powered by its members!

Further questions? Contact us.

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