Exterior of the Arnolfini in Bristol @Jamie Woodley

March 2013, Bristol

Many thanks to Arnolfini Centre for Contemporary Arts for hosting our first meeting in the South West. The session brought together a diverse range of professionals (from museums, the arts, the council and other heritage organisations) with much common. In getting to know each other and about our respective work areas, we identified synergies and over 20 practice needs and interests which we hope to take forward in smaller groups.

Participatory practice was high on the agenda and we used Arnstein and Wilcox as the theory base for our discussion. Each group member shared their experiences, challenges and solutions.

We also heard from Ruth from the Arts Council England, South West on the creative case for diversity and how she can support organisations wanting to write a diversity action plan or share best practice.

There was just enough time to squeeze in a short discussion on research and evaluation before plotting how to sustain an on-going group in the region.

It’s a very exciting time for us in Bristol as this eclectic and talented group start to work together. Watch this space!

Many thanks to Sian from the British Museum, Jim from The Audience Agency, Ellie and Helen from Arnolfini, Helen from IPUP and Ruth from Arts Council South West for making this meeting happen. This meeting was supported by the Arts Council England and the British Museum as part of the Supporting Practice in Participation project.


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