Image of the colourful Dana Centre sign. • © Science Museum

October 2013, London

Thanks to the Science Museum for hosting us at the Dana Centre. It was great to welcome new comers from the Jewish Museum, National Portrait Gallery and English Heritage.  This time the group took over the agenda with participatory discussions. There were a few suggestions for discussion topics and we voted on which go forward. We plumped for a discussion on internal advocacy in particular reaching senior management and another one on how to evaluate emotional responses like ‘feeling welcome’.  A brief tour and update on the Turing exhibition helped us understand a little more about how the Science Museum used consultation with gay men who lived in the 60′s to inform the interpretation of Turing’s  life. We agreed we need to collate a list of some of the great curators we know and encourage them to write up their experiences to share with the sector! Do you know any great participatory curators? Contact us.

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