Scottish Diversity in Heritage Group meeting – December 2015

silhouette of Kelvingrove museum against orange skyThis initial session was an introduction to DHG and a chance to gauge interest in establishing a Scottish group. There appears to be interest in creating a space for discussion on how we can make the cultural and heritage sector more inclusive. DHG are very keen to establish partnerships and avoid duplication of work going on in Scotland already. How can we play a part in making the sector better for everyone?

The first step is including diverse voices in this group, unfortunately several invitees were unable to attend on the day. We are aware that it was not possible to contact as many people who we would have liked before the day and are really keen to welcome more input now. We’re also keen for people to help us spread the word.

We discussed that we are looking at heritage in its widest sense, including arts cultural and heritage organisations. Attendees also highlighted that the group should not just be for people who deem diversity as the main focus of their job. It was pointed out that we all work with diversity every day.

Download the meeting notes

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