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Report sparks ‘pro-rich museums’ debate

Museum bodies have expressed concern over a report on the social impact of the 2016-17 local government budget that describes museums as a “pro-rich” service, warning the classification is reductive and could lead to the sector being targeted for disproportionate cuts…. Read the rest of the article from Museum’s journal here. Find the report here

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Commission reports unequal cultural access

The Warwick Commission’s final report, Enriching Britain: Culture, Creativity and Growth, was launched today and is available to download in various formats. Further evidence and research resources from the Commission’s year-long investigation are also available, along with initial responses from the cultural and creative sector. The key message from this report is that the government and […]

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Resource: Research Disability and Income

This research looks at the  relationship between disability status and household wealth holdings. It found that disabled people have substantially lower household wealth and all components of wealth (property, financial, pension, physical) than non-disabled people but even these average differences mask important lifecycle patterns.

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